ECU Remaping

All our remaps are custom made, so first we perform a health check of your car, then listen to you, then get to work.

At DCT Performance we specialize in ECU remapping, aka- chip tuning. Although chip tuning originally refers to modyfing an EPROM chip in a car’s ECU (engine control unit), today we can usually modify the car’s software through the diagnostic port- OBD, without the need to remove and open the computer.

Our prices start from as little as £199 for a fully custom remap!

One of the first questions that comes to mind is why does the car have reduced performance in the first place? Well, there are quite a few reasons for manufacturers to limit your motor’s perfomance. There’s always a margin left for bad quality fuels, severe weather and poor servicing.

Also – marketing reasons, limiting power allows them to create different specs and pricing for models with the same engine. Our aim is to free you from those limitations. Fact is, in the UK we have good quality fuels, moderate climate, and in general – good servicing with quality oils. So without compromising reliability of your engine, we can get significant amounts of extra power. In the case of a turbocharged engine it feels like a different car – with a bigger engine.

All this with reduced fuel consumption for all diesel engines, but that will mostly depend on your right foot.

All of our remaps are custom made, so first we perform a health check of your car, then listen to you, then get to work. And test it on the road- where it will be used. We appreciate the rolling road can be helpful in fine-tuning your engine, but a real road test with you- the final user, is even better. With over 10 years experience, we know how to please you, and how to modify the software to match your expectations.

So whatever you’re after – maximum power or economy, we will deliver the results. In fact, we are so confident you will love our remap, that we can give 7 days no quibble trial period, and can return your car to its original settings with a full refund.

To sum it up, what you get is

    More Power & Torque

    Better Throttle Response (Like A Bigger Engine)

    Removal of Flat Spots

    Smother Power Delivery

    Reduced Fuel Consumption

    A Mischievous Grin On Your Face